Captain Dylan Hunt and his crew quest to restore a government that once presided over an extended peace and prosperity. Watch Andromeda series full episodes online streaming for free. Dylan Hunt is the courageous captain of the most glorious starship in the universe, the Andromeda Ascendant. After 300 years frozen in time at the event horizon of a black hole. Dylan Hunt wakes… to a universe in chaos. The Systems Commonwealth, the greatest civilization in history, has fallen. But together with an unlikely band of renegades and aliens who become his crew, Dylan begins his quest to rekindle the light of civilization and push back the evils that grip the universe!
Air Time: 7:00 pm
Country: CA
Air Day: Friday
Related Tags: artificial intelligence starship space travel black hole alien space military alternative timeline
Season 5 Episodes

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Andromeda TvSeries Trailer [ ]

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