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Chan Hui Lau stars in this vintage martial arts film as Chang, the owner of a winery and master of Drunken Boxing, a deadly kung fu technique that, as the name implies, requires its practitioner to be drunk. His relatively peaceful life is interrupted when he catches two boys (Li Yi Min and Jack Long) stealing grapes from his vineyards and puts them to work for him. Over time, he teaches them the art of Drunken Boxing. When the two boys get into a fight with some local toughs, they provoke the wrath of Yeh Hu (Lung Fei), Chang's enemy. Stars Jack Long Shi-Chia, Lung Fei, Lugn Kuan-Wu, Chen Hui-Lou, Li Yi-Min, Jeanie Chang, Yu Chung-Chiu, Chien Te-Men, Yuen Siu-Tien, Yu Wang, Wang Yung-Sheng, Wong Deng-Wo, Ho Hing-Nam, Chan Wai-Lau,

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