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In a changing world where television has become the main source of information, Adam Caulfield, a young sports journalist, witnesses how his uncle, Frank Skeffington, a veteran and honest politician, mayor of a New England town, tries to be reelected while bankers and captains of industry conspire in the shadows to place a weak and manageable candidate in the city hall. Stars Spencer Tracy, Jeffrey Hunter, Dianne Foster, Pat O’Brien, Basil Rathbone, Donald Crisp, James Gleason, Edward Brophy, John Carradine, Willis Bouchey, Basil Ruysdael, Ricardo Cortez, Wallace Ford, Frank McHugh, Carleton Young, Frank Albertson, Bob Sweeney, William Leslie, Anna Lee, Ken Curtis, Jane Darwell, O. Z. Whitehead, Arthur Walsh, Charles B. Fitzsimons, James Flavin, William Forrest, June Kirby, Jack Pennick, Helen Westcott, Phil Adams, Alex Akimoff, Fred Aldrich, Richard Alexander, Leon Alton, Don Anderson, Walter Bacon, Frank Baker, Bobette Bentley, Steve Benton, Gail Bonney, Danny Borzage, Paul Bradley, Chet Brandenburg, Rand Brooks, George Bruggeman, John Bryant, James J. Casino, Jack Chefe, Dick Cherney, George Chester, Noble 'Kid' Chissell, Charles Cirillo, Richard Dale Clark, Ruth Clifford, Edmund Cobb, Bud Cokes, Russell Custer, Hal K. Dawson, Richard Deacon, John Deauville, Jack Deery, George DeNormand, Joe Devlin, James Dime, Mike Donovan, Clint Dorrington, Mimi Doyle, Tommy Earwood, Richard Elmore, Eddie Fetherston, Duke Fishman, George Ford, William Forrest, Joseph Forte, Raoul Freeman, Helen Gereghty, Kenneth Gibson, James Gonzalez, Sam Harris, Ed Haskett, Jack Henderson, William Henry, Chuck Hicks, Stuart Holmes, Shep Houghton, Chuck Howard, William Hudson, Charles Anthony Hughes, Thomas E. Jackson, William Janssen, Michael Jeffers, Roy Jenson, Rolan Jones, Richard Keene, Fred Kennedy, Colin Kenny, Ann Kunde, Joseph La Cava, Webster Lagrange, Harry Lauter, Johnny Leone, Robert Levin, Robert Locke Lorraine, Edmund Lowe, Wilbur Mack, Hank Mann, Eve March, Frank Marlowe, Mae Marsh, Philo McCullough, Joe McGuinn, Frank McLure, Edward McNally, Paul McVey, Harold Miller, Ernesto Molinari, Charles Morton, Sol Murgi, Jimmy Murphy, Forbes Murray, George Nardelli, Bill Neff, William H. O'Brien, Brian O'Hara, Joe Palma, Emma Palmese, Harvey Parry, Bob Perry, Murray Pollack, Paul Power, Fred Rapport, Edward Rickard, Clete Roberts, Molly Roden, Victor Romito, John Roy, Buck Russell, Dick Ryan, Cosmo Sardo, Frank J. Scannell, Bernard Sell, Jordan Shelley, Charles Sherlock, Carl Sklover, Stephen Soldi, George Spaulding, Bert Spencer, Ted Stanhope, Anna Stein, Harry Strang, Brick Sullivan, Charles Sullivan, Frank Sully, Julius Tannen, Harry Tenbrook, Jack Tornek, Charles Trowbridge, Phil Tully, Harry Tyler, Ruth Warren, James Waters, Chalky Williams, Bert Stevens,

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