The Ghost of Richard Harris (2022)

About The Ghost of Richard Harris

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A candid and revealing insight into the private life and public career of Richard Harris. One of the most remarkable actors of his generation, the documentary explores Harris’s complex and, at times, contradictory character. Each of his three sons β€” Jared, Jamie and Damian β€” brings their own perspective to bear as they summon the ghost of their late father to the screen. Stars Richard Harris, Jared Harris, Damian Harris, Jamie Harris, Manuel di Lucia, Robbie Van Damme, Lelia Doolan, Elizabeth Rees-Williams, Stephen Rea, Sanford Lieberson, Russell Crowe, Vanessa Redgrave, Len Dineen, Malachy McCourt, Dick Cavett, Bill Rowntree, Anthony Kearsley, Phil Coulter, Jimmy Webb, Joe Jackson, Noel Pearson, Jim Sheridan, Isla Blair, Eva Juel Hammerich, Ella Harris,

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