Shingles the Movie (2023)

About Shingles the Movie

Horror Comedy Download English Subtitle Download German Subtitle

A series of hilarious, weird, and gross tales that will bring you laughs and chills. A group of friends share scary stories that all happened to them in an attempt to horror each other. But how much of it is real? How much will come back to haunt them? Stars Steve Rudzinski, Jessa Flux, Jenny Hoppes, Ian Sunny, Ben Dietels, Paul Bilbo, Blake O'Donnell, Terri Lewis, Andrew Gordon, Carly Sonafelt, Emily Moore, Steve Wetherell, Christine Mancini, Jake Moon, Michael Atrata, Steve Rimpici, Jess Uhler, Lance Parkin, Lyzz May, Matt Schultz, Brenan Marsh, Amanda Anne Leight, B. Barnabei, Caitlin Bliss, Rebecca Rinehart, Michael Varrati, Tyler Henry, Erik Thompson, Michael Smyth, Aleen Isley, Gina D'Inacau, Robert Bevan, Bea Gressive,

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