Racing with the Moon (1984)

About Racing with the Moon

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In a small coastal California town, Henry and Nicky are pals from blue collar families with only a short time before they ship off to World War II. Henry begins romancing new-to-town Caddie Winger, believing her to be wealthy. Mischievous and irresponsible, Nicky gets into trouble which forces the other two to become involved, testing their relationship, as well as the friendship between the boys. Stars Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage, Elizabeth McGovern, John Karlen, Rutanya Alda, Max Showalter, Crispin Glover, Barbara Howard, Bob Maroff, Carol Kane, Dominic Nardini, John Brandon, Eve Brent, Suzanne Adkinson, Shawn Schepps, Charles Miller, Patricia Allison, Al Hopson, Ted Grossman, Scott McGinnis, Brian Trumbull, Kate Williamson, Julie Philips, Fielding Greaves, Arnold Johnson, Kevin Fraser, Gerry Gibson, Page Hannah, Shane Kerwin, Jonathan Charles Fox, Michael Madsen, Dana Carvey, Victor Rendina, Rebecca Pollack, Victor Paul, Lou Butera, Michael Talbott, Phil Adams, Chuck Picerni Jr., Philip Romano, Arlin Miller, Jan Rabson, Walter Mathews, Michael Schoeffling, Steven Lambert,

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